Water Heater

Rubine’s Paris Series of water heaters

The ultimate shower awaits with Rubine’s Paris Series of water heaters

Rubine, with two decades of expertise and a rich Italian heritage, has joined forces with Atlantic, France’s leading brand, exhibiting a century of water heater innovation. Together, they present 120 years of combined experience, culminating in the “Paris Series Water Heater.” This exceptional product has earned the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the year 2021, an international accolade recognising superior product design. Featuring O’pro technology, it offers 50% more protection for both the tank and the heating element, ensuring durability and efficiency.

Ranging between a generous 15L and 30L capacity, it’s well-suited for various household needs. This heater efficiently reaches a maximum working temperature of 75°C, with the heating time impressively quick, taking only 30 minutes to achieve a 35°C temperature rise.  Safety is also Rubine’s top priority, as evidenced by its IPX4 waterproof rating. The product is backed by a 1-year warranty for parts and service, with an extended 5-year warranty for both the heating element and the inner tank.

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