Torino, a beautiful city in Italy with rich culture and history, is famous for its art galleries and manufacturing excellence with uncompromising quality and design. It’s an industrial city and home to many of the Italian automotive industry. That’s where our story began.

RUBINE has been a part of the world for two decades, the business started with two series of kitchen sink and subsequently developed a wide range of bathroom products like faucet, shower, water heater, etc. In our heart, we know that kitchen and bathroom are very much related as they are the two sacred places at home; so our aim is to create some good design, pragmatic & reliable products to indulge you in the aqua lifestyle.

In order to meet this objective, we have to know the trend, we observe international living & lifestyle, we keep in touch with renowned designers worldwide and also, conduct dialogue with our customers. These are just examples to demonstrate our uncompromising approach towards meeting the expectations of our customers and partners. In doing so, the team has a very strong bond with the customer and create user-oriented products that are timeless at its class.

Throughout our history, many things have happened and the most recent was environmental protection and sustainability in the sanitation industry. Mother Earth is calling and we want to be part of it; the development of energy efficient water heater and water efficient faucets & showers is our effort to be part of the GREEN requirements.  We also paid close attention to environmentally and resource-efficient production like the use of lead-free stainless steel for the making of faucet & tap and the use of gas as heating source instead of electricity.

Today, RUBINE is one of the well-known kitchen & bathroom brand in the market and our objective is to offer consumers the latest design and best technology products that provide daily enjoyment and benefits. Most things still remain to be done and we will continue to strive for it based on our experience and know-how.