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Meet the Rubine P10, a Swiss Instant Water Heater With Integrated Rain Shower

We all know Rubine for cutting-edge, modern water heaters and bathroom fittings. Now the brand has launched their second Swiss model, the sleek P10 instant water heater.

Part of Rubine’s series 10 of instant water heaters, the P10 brings the best of Swiss design and quality to Singapore bathrooms, complete with an integrated rain shower and luxurious features.

As opposed to many classic water heaters, which are often bulky and unsightly, the Rubine P10 instant water heater is an immediate statement piece in any bathroom, with its timeless, elegant look and compact body.

Uncompromising quality is of course part of the package too, as with any Swiss design. A DC Inverter Booster Pump is at the heart of the P10 instant water heater, resulting in low noise, consistent water pressure and plenty of energy savings too.

Safety is ensured by the built-in Earth Leakage Safety Device (ELSD), an independent thermal cut-off and solid high-pressure protection. The tank is also fibre-reinforced, which makes it burst-resistant and perfectly safe for the whole family, including kids and elders.

The P10 is also more hygienic than most heaters on the market, with the innovative tank design preventing any limestone build-up. And if any issue does come up, there’s a handy five-year warranty on the inner tank and heating element, so you can get things fixed and sorted in no time.

What’s extra convenient about the P10 instant water heater is that it comes with an integrated rain and hand shower, meaning you don’t have to go out of your way to shop for a matching set.

The rain and hand shower heads embody Swiss design and technology just like the main water heater, delivering a balanced mix of water and air for delightful spray power and pleasant coverage. The arm of the overhead rain shower is longer than most and can swivel 180 degrees for extra flexibility and comfort in the shower.

A more unusual bonus feature is the shower’s dual function, which allows you to shower two people at the same time—perfect if you’re in a rush to bathe the kids! And speaking of kids, they’re sure to love the innovative air-jet hand spray, a functional and relaxing shower spray that’s plenty playful too.

*this article is extracted from SquareRooms.com.sg