Ceiling Fan

Posted On Mon, 01 Mar 2021

It all started in one summer when my son said to me: "Sea level is rising." and my wife extended: "The utility bill is very high this month."

So, at my R&D lab, while working on a new product that used less energy, a sudden breeze blown thru the window and I can feel the chill even it was summer. This has gotten me to think about moving air in an enclosed area and a cheaper way to cool the house instead of air-conditioning.

Leading the design team, we carry up research & experiment and our first prototype from the 3-D printer was a bright yellow 5-bladed ceiling fan - The FLY series - and one team mate asked: "Why yellow?"

This yellow fan was conceptualized from our yellow sofa in the laboratory R&R room and in fact, it has created enthusiasm in the team that lead to more study on the factors that determine airflow in a room.

At Rubine, we are abided by designing products that used less water and less energy; be it a small tap or a centralised hot water system. We have always striven to be part of the GREEN effort in helping the climate change.

And now, a stylish fan that beat the summer heat without breaking your budget...